Getting Started



The first step in Getting Started is to acknowledge the indicators of a diminishing Jewish community.

  • Declining congregational membership and few, if any, new members
  • Increased average age of members
  • Few or no children in the religious school
  • Leadership responsibilities falling on fewer and fewer people
  • The only Jewish communal institution in the area


Once leadership has recognized the situation and the need to plan, contact us.


Connect with current leadership and those with deep histories, relationships and commitments to the community. Identify specific issues and agree on the need to help the congregation sustain active Jewish life as long as possible and to create a legacy plan to address key situations such as synagogue and cemetery maintenance and the loss of dues income resulting from decreased membership.


Create a Legacy Plan allowing for:

  • Placement of religious artifacts
  • Cemetery maintenance
  • Future use of funds that may be available for allocation
  • Establishment of formal relationships with agencies, federations, Jewish historical associations or denominational bodies to help realize community intentions
  • Definition of when the congregation will cease to operate


Document community assets, both liquid and hard, as well as religious and historical objects.


For more information contact:

Noah Levine

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