"The Story of American Jewish immigrants is powerful and needs to be remembered. I feel this project will keep alive their dedication to both their Jewish heritage and opportunities afforded them by living in this great country we all cherish."
- Bernie Marcus, Cofounder, Home Depot


“If we are to fulfill our visions for Jewish life, we must cultivate the drive in each of us to not only build our own community, but to also lift up those communities who need us.”
- Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union for Reform Judaism


"The Jewish Community Legacy Project team guides synagogues and agencies to transition in a graceful and dignified way guaranteeing that current assets can ensure Jewish communities of the future. The team understands the challenges and opportunities of communities undergoing change. They are partners who work hand in hand with synagogue and Federation leaders to move through the transition."
- Becky Sobolman-Stern, Executive Vice President/Chief Program Officer, Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles


"We have watched proud communities in Western Pennsylvania work with the skills and knowledge provided by the Jewish Community Legacy Project in planning for their futures. Because of JCLP's deep and extensive experience, it is able to bring resources and ideas to assist each of these communities, and it brings incredible dignity and compassion to the process. Our Federation is proud to be a resource and partner to JCLP in its holy work."
- Jeff Finkelstein, President/CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh


"The Jewish Community Legacy Project is an important undertaking in sustaining the desires of declining Jewish communities which strive to be remembered in future days. Its mission takes into consideration the responsibility Jews have in remembering our ancestors from past generations and in ensuring proper burial for future generations. Just as my father planted before me, so shall I plant for my children (Babylonian Talmud)."
- Marilyn Forman Chandler, Executive Director, Greensboro Jewish Federation


"The Jewish Community Legacy Project has significant cross-generational implications. Involvement with it gives our young and rapidly growing Jewish community a great mitzvah project in the prospect of helping small and aging communities develop strategies for perpetuating their legacies."
-Jay L. Rubin, Chief Executive Officer
Jewish Community Association of Austin


"We are now planning for the time when it will no longer be feasible to operate our Temple. With the expertise of the Jewish Community Legacy Project, we will have in place an outstanding plan that will perpetuate our congregation longer than might otherwise be possible. Our cemetery will have perpetual care and our trust funds will be managed in a way as to allow us to accomplish our goals."
-Roger Ackerman
Temple Sinai
Sumter, South Carolina